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About collections

The collection of Celje Central Library consists of 370.000 loan units in the main building and 440.000 loan units, local libraries included.
On the ground and first floor you will find adult fiction and mandatory school readings.

Children's library Miško Knjižko is located on the sub-level floor where our youngest readers can find fairytales, children's poetry and adventure stories.
In the non-fiction department all the professional and scientific areas are represented. Human knowledge is collected on different levels – from popular science to expert studies. The non-non fictional department is located on the first and second floor. Highly specialized scientific books can be provided through the system of interlending.

On the first floor you will also find an audio-book collection on tapes and CDs. You can choose between novels, poetry, travel books, short stories, biographies, fairytales and youth literature in Slovenian or English. The contents of an audio-book can be partly modified, shortened or in accordance with the printed edition. Usually the text is read by professional actors.

For partially sighted we also provide books with larger printing. Those books are visibly marked with a special sticker.


Osrednja knjižnica Celje
Muzejski trg 1a
3000 Celje
Tel.: 03 426 17 10
Fax: 03 426 17 11

Opening hours

Monday to Friday:

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