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Newspapers and magazines

In newspaper reading room located on the second floor (Department of Local Studies) you can choose from 100 Slovenian and foreign periodical publications. More recent editions are on a free approach section whereas older editions will be brought to you from depots.

Slovenian and foreign newspapers bringing you daily local and global news

Popular science magazines from different areas (health, beauty, home, gardening etc.)
Scientific magazines with expert articles

We offer over 500 different newspapers and magazines. Some of those are printed editions, others can be found in e-form. Those can be accessed through digital library system.

There is also a big reading room located on the 3rd floor. It has 50 seats and is available to all users who want to read or study in complete silence.


Osrednja knjižnica Celje
Muzejski trg 1a
3000 Celje
Tel.: 03 426 17 10
Fax: 03 426 17 11

Opening hours

Monday to Friday:

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