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Central regional library

According to The Librarianship Act, the Central regional library is a public library that has signed contract with the ministry responsible for culture and, in agreement with its founder, performs special tasks for a wider area.

The Celje region covers 36 municipalities, which represents 13 % of Slovene territory. Over 15 % of Slovene inhabitants reside in this region.
Performing the tasks of the Central regional library

The regulation on the activity and funding of Central Regional Library assigns Celje Public Library to four main tasks:

  • Ensuring an enlarged and more demanding collection of library units and information.
  • Professional help to libraries of the region, including collaboration in planning the
    development of the information system.
  • Coordinating collections, processing and preservation of local studies materials.
  • Directing withdrawn library materials of its region.


Osrednja knjižnica Celje
Muzejski trg 1a
3000 Celje
Tel.: 03 426 17 10
Fax: 03 426 17 11

Opening hours

Monday to Friday:

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