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Current Programs

Currently active programs

1. Language Courses (English, German, French, Italian, Russian language on different levels)
2. Local Studies and Cultural History
3. History of Art
4. Art
5. Handicrafts
6. Music Through Time
7. First Encounter with a Computer
8. Teach What You Know (U3A members that are skilled computer users teach those, who need help in using them)
9. Hiking
10. Reading Makes Our Lives Better
11. Knowing Slovenia
12. Achieving Happier Life Through Theory of Choice
13. Herbs for Health
14. Mandalas
15. Radiesthesia for Beginners
16. Origami
17. Japanese Calligraphy
18. Photography for Beginners
19. Literature Club
20. History of Film: Introduction
21. Good Manners: Looking in the Mirror
22. Falls prevention
23. Nutrition and Dietetics Basics


Osrednja knjižnica Celje
Muzejski trg 1a
3000 Celje
Tel.: 03 426 17 10
Fax: 03 426 17 11

Opening hours

Monday to Friday:

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